Fall arrest systems

We specialize in safety of work at height: we install fall arrest systems such as vertical and horizontal lifelines.


We manufacture and install patented camouflage for masking radiant systems and apparatus.

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Tlb Service: a young, dynamic, future-oriented company with a solid tradition. Established in 2005, thanks to a continuous process of research and innovation, it has quickly established itself in the market of carpentry, installation and testing of telecommunications equipment.

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How much does it cost not to assess risk?

How much does it cost not to assess risk?   Whether you are a contractor, a technician or a building contractor you will almost certainly know that in Italy there are a variety of manufacturers of lifelines and fall arrest systems, scattered a bit throughout

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Superbonus 110%: a look at security

It has been a while since we wrote the last post. Not because we changed our habits as much as because we decided to take a moment to observe what was happening as a result of Superbonus110%. Now we have decided to put together our

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Tlb Service also at ELIS Innovation Day

ELIS Innovation Day Teaching for Innovation was held on July 20, the day dedicated to innovation and new technologies, where we participated together with 180 students, 40 students and 62 projects. We at TLB Service with the Telebit Group have provided the latest technology, experience

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The TLB+ platform now allows, through QR Code technology, the full accessibility of all technical documentation pertaining to fall arrest systems so that proper information can even more ensure adequate worker safety.