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Wie viel kostet es, das Risiko nicht zu bewerten?

Wie viel kostet es, das Risiko nicht zu bewerten?   Unabhängig davon, ob Sie Bauunternehmer, Techniker oder Bauunternehmer sind, wissen Sie sicherlich, dass es in Italien mehrere Hersteller von Rettungsleinen und Absturzsicherungssystemen gibt, die über das ganze Land verteilt sind. Jede hat ihre eigenen Stärken.

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How much does it cost not to assess risk?

How much does it cost not to assess risk?   Whether you are a contractor, a technician or a building contractor you will almost certainly know that in Italy there are a variety of manufacturers of lifelines and fall arrest systems, scattered a bit throughout

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Quanto costa non valutare il rischio?

Quanto costa non valutare il rischio?   Che tu sia un imprenditore, che tu sia un tecnico o che tu sia un impresario edile quasi sicuramente saprai che in Italia esistono svariati produttori di linee vita e sistemi anticaduta, sparsi un po’ in tutto il

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TLB Service’s measures to combat COVID19

Prevention and protection procedures to limit COVID infection 19

In order to counter and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, from its earliest manifestations, Tlb Service has taken a series of actions to ensure the health and safety of employees while trying to maintain full business operations.

– Wash hands often with soap and water or using alcohol-based gels
– Avoid close contacts by maintaining the distance of at least 1.5 m
– Avoid crowded places
– Use protective mask
– Avoiding handshakes
– Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
– Stay at home if you have symptoms attributable to Covid19

– Tlb Service ensures daily cleaning of the COMPANY HEADQUARTERS.
– Products for sanitizing the SURFACES and EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED are made available in the common areas.
– YARD EQUIPMENT is used, as usual, with the gloves provided and is sanitized at the end of the day
– The inside of the COMPANY MEANS (both entrusted to individual workers and available at the site) are cleaned with sanitizing products provided at the end of the day or, in any case, as needed.
– For AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS, extraordinary interventions are planned to sanitize the filtering systems
– In the event that a COUNTY AT COVID19 of an employee who has been present at a company location/warehouse in the shortest possible time (one or two days) is ascertained, the company location as well as any company vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health’s Circular 5443 dated 02/22/2020.

– Mandatory use of mask
– Temperature measurement
– Absence of symptoms of respiratory infection
– Absence of contact with people who tested positive in the past 14 days
– Third parties are allowed, although it is preferable to conduct meetings and gatherings by alternative means

– In case the activity takes place in the presence of other people, it will be mandatory to use a chiurgical or higher degree of protection mask (FPP1, FPP2 or KN95, FPP3).
– Before scheduling activities in individual homes, staff should contact the affected users. If there are people in the home who are positive or in some form of isolation for COVID 19, the intervention cannot be performed.


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