Hydropower plant

In 2017, we were approached by an operator in the electricity sector to manage some confined spaces within a hydroelectric power plant in Veneto.

Each situation was analyzed in its own right, trying to find solutions that met the needs of the client in full compliance with current regulations. The most complex situation involved the construction of a fixed but sliding ladder that would provide access to a turbine located inside a tank.

Railway depot

In 2017, we were approached by a railway authority to implement a fall arrest system that would allow the maintenance of train covers inside a depot.

After analyzing the situation, the low air draughts and high utilization of the systems, a Type D fall arrest system consisting of rigid aluminum rails and special fall arrest sliders was chosen.

This allowed all the areas targeted to be reached in complete safety.

Hera Gasometer


In 2019, we were approached by the Hera group to secure the former Gasometer in Bologna. Specifically, we installed a Type A fall arrest system in order to allow operators to ascend in complete safety.

PMV Highway

In 2020, we were requested by a highway authority to carry out a study for securing PMVs and a system for overhead material loading. The structures were equipped with a ladder with body guards but lacked a certified fall arrest system for ascending.

Our EN 353-1-certified Hammer fall arrest system was proposed for ascent.
While for overhead loading, a suitably sized system was proposed and fixed on top of the PMV.
To date, 7 complete test and trial situations have been completed.

Campanile di S. Sofia

In 2017, we installed a wall-mounted fall arrest system inside the bell tower of the Santa Sofia Cathedral in Lendinara (RO). It is the 9th highest bell tower in Italy.
The goal of the project was to secure the operator throughout the ascent to the bells.